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Earn Money with City Addresses Affiliate Program

The City Address Affiliate Program Allows you to promote our range of hugely popular services and receive commission for each and every sale you make. By placing banners and links on your website or social media etc we will track your referrals and pay you commission.
Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned professional the City Address affiliate program provides everything you need to start generating an income today. Full online control panel to manage your account, track your sales and payments with help and advice always on hand.
Whats more its completely free to join and we pay 20% Commission

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Affiliate Program - Promote our services

Generating a great source of income has become a lot easier with the City Address affiliate program. Simply promote our range of services and we will pay you 20% commission on each and every sale you generate.

Once signed up to our affiliate program you will have access to the Affiliate Control Panel to generate unique links and banner adds to place on your website, blog or social media, Just like this one.

City Address

Order use unique URL’s like this

Each time someone visits our website through one of your banners or links we will track them and pay you 20% of the value of their purchase.

With an average transaction value of £76.00 your average commission payment is £15.20 this is for each and every sale. The amount shown can be more or less depending on what services are purchased.

Websites, Blogs & Social Media
Simply promote our services with a range of unique banners and customisation URL’s

Email Marketing (Strictly Opt In Only)
Promote our services by email to your opt in only email marketing database

For seasoned professionals you may consider PPC marketing to drive traffic to our website.

Your own client base
Simply refer our services to your existing client base and we will pay commission for each and every sale.

The 30 day tracking period means if your referrals don’t immediately make a purchase but come back within 30 days you will still receive commission.

Why Partner with City Address

The City Address Affiliate program is a great way to boost your income by simply promoting our range of hugely popular services.

Online Affiliate Control Panel
The City Address Affiliate Program includes your own control panel where you will have access to a range of banner adverts and a unique URL generator, here you will also be able to track your referrals, sales and commission payments.
Range of Creatives
City Address affiliates with have access to a range of banner adverts (with new ones added regularly) and a unique URL generator to help you promote our services.
Industry Leading Commission Rates
The City Address reward our affiliates with possible the highest commission rate within our industry of 20% (we cannot find a higher rate)

Regular Incentives
We run regular incentive schemes to further reward our top achieving affiliates with additional cash bonuses and top earner prizes.
Help & Advice
Our team are on hand to offer any help and advice to help you along the way.


  • What is affiliate marketing?

    Put simply affiliate marketing allows someone to earn commission by promoting a companies products or services.

    You promote our services on your website, social media, ppc campaign, email marketing etc and for each sale you generate we will pay you commission.

  • Can anyone join?

    Technically yes, however in order to successfully generate an income you will need some method of promoting our services such as a website, blog, advertising strategy etc.

  • How much will I earn?

    This will depend on how your promoting our services and who you are promoting them to.

    For each sale you make we will pay 20% commission given the average purchase price the average commission payment is around £12.90 per sale however this will fluctuate depending on what service is purchased.

    We regularly run incentives to reward top performing affiliates with bonuses.

  • When will I be paid?

    Commission payments are made once per month on the second Friday of the month for all sales generated in the preceding month. Any incentives and bonuses are paid at this time too.

  • Can I track my sales?

    The City Address affiliate control panel will allow you to track your referrals, where they came from, whether they made a purchase and how much commission you are paid.

  • How do I promote City Address?

    This will depend entirely on you. We have a number of affiliates and all promote our services in their own unique way. We will however provide you with unique banners to place on your website, blog and social media and a unique url which will track all sales you generate.

  • What if the customer does not buy straight away?

    Our website will track where the customer come from for 30 days. If a customer visits our website and does not made a purchase but comes back within 30 days you will still be paid.

  • Are there any PPC Restrictions

    Whilst we welcome PPC Marketing please do not bid on the term “City Address”

  • What about cancellations?

    The vast majority of our customers have the right to cancel their order, although this is extremely rare if this was to happen the commission payment would also be cancelled, where commission has already been paid it will be withheld from a future commission payment.

  • What about self signup?

    The affiliate program is not designed as a way to receive discounts. Although affiliate self signup is permitted, commission payments for self signup would not be paid unless additional sales are recorded in the same month.

  • How do I signup?

    Signing up is quick and easy simply complete the short signup form once we have processed your request you will receive an email with a username and password which will allow you to log in and start earning.

Affiliate Signup

Signing up to the City Address affiliate program, is quick, easy and free. Simply complete the short form and we will get back to you within 1 business day.